Sunday, July 10, 2011


So remember how I told you that Matt and I had big news and we were waiting for something before we were going to let you all know. Well....we're ready. Here goes.

matt moved to san francisco for the summer and we got our own apartment together. and he is pretty much working his dream job right now.
i know. sometimes i can't believe it either. we are living in the sunset district in an in-law unit that is HUGE and beautiful and quaint. our landlord is awesome (and told us we could pick her vegetables if we wanted fresh produce). we have our own room, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom. I will post pictures as soon as matt gets them uploaded. isn't it incredible? we are like real people. we cook, we clean, we's awesome. if any of our friends want to visit, this is your official invitation to come over. we have LOTS of room (who would have thought I would ever be able to say that in san francisco).

the living room:

the bedroom:

the bathroom:

the kitchen: 

our street:

Moving on...matt is working at backen, gillam and kroeger architects. His official title is architectural intern, but he gets to do all sorts of neat stuff around the office, like check out some really cool architecture drawings (and pack them into boxes), run office errands (where he spent 70 bucks on creamer one time) and even drive the boss man's BMW around to get it gassed and washed. plus he is around architectural geniuses day and night. and they are practically over the moon to have an awesome an intern as matt. pretty much win win all around.

matt's new commute to work

his new place of employment in sausalito, ca

we are pretty much living the dream right now. plus we live in a neighborhood that's beautiful and cold and foggy but wonderful. tonight, we made dinner, cleaned the house, packed lunches for tomorrow, did the laundry, and even went for a nice evening walk around the neighborhood. i love it here. plus there is soooo much great food around here :) and i get to be with matt all the time!! quite the change from our recent year, but definitely worth the wait (even if it means i have to get up earlier for work because i have a longer drive).

also, we decided we are going to do this challenge. it's called the 100 best things to eat in san francisco before you die. we are going to try and knock it outta the park. if you remember, we started this blog two years ago because we made a list of things we wanted to do. we go again. wish us luck!!!

so to give you an update on our week....we moved in on monday (unfortunately, we were too tired to have any big 4th of july plans). we did see a couple fireworks from our window. we have a pretty good view! on tuesday, we went to matt's first giants game of the season with my company. go morgan stanley! we pretty much paid 4 bucks for a hot chocolate and that's it. the tickets were free, the hot dogs were free, and the beer was free. matt got to come because we had extra tickets. we also learned that the n-line lightrail drops us off directly in front of the 2nd street and king entrance, and the stop is one block away from our house. best news ever. we are sooooo hooked on this place. of course, wednesday my entire office was exhausted because the game didn't end until 10ish. but it was worth it. my company peeps are really cool! thanks morgan stanley.

look how close we were to amy g!!

wednesday night was pretty low key. we made dinner, went to target in emeryville (it's right next to oakland lol) and picked up a free boxspring for our room. awesome. nothing is better than free ninety nine. anyways, on thursday...guess where we went. AT&T PARK. again. since matt cain finally hit the 1000 strikeout mark, tickets were ten bucks (and since we hadn't expected matt to come on tuesday), we had bought these tickets a week ago. i love at&t park...especially with good friends (thanks for coming nicole, lunani, david and jp). it was well worth being tired the next day (even though the game ended at 9:30, we didn't get home til 11 because the muni lightrail delayed for almost half an hour).

the view from the bay bridge (coming back from berk)

finally it was friday. i love fridays. congrats surviving your first week of working matty. on friday we drove up to sunnyvale and hung out with my mom and brother (since matt didn't really spend that much time with them on monday since we were in a hurry to move in). we went to dinner at this mongolian bbq place (which had free ice cream yay) and watched the giants game. we went to bed super early on friday night....guess we can't rage like we used to. those were the good ol days ;) on saturday, we ran a couple errands (picked up my bday present from the post office, drove my brother around, went to the sunnyvale farmers market) and went to the mall. got some cool stufff. always a good time. and last night we went out with a couple of my friends.

sunnyvale farmer's market  

my new birthday present!!

our new super embarassing
but awesome shoes

anyways, i think i need to stop blogging for tonight. i'm exhausted. but have a good week everybody!

ps it's my birthday on tuesday :)


  1. marge, i am so thrilled for you. i love being able to catch up on your life. whenever you come down and visit, know that you have a place to stay, and we can do take pictures with louise.

  2. You might just be the cutest thing ever! So happy for you - have a great summer together!