Tuesday, March 30, 2010


spring break is over for one of us, while another celebrates one more week. margaret is back to school where she KILLED it last quarter with a great gpa. she gets to travel to a gifted preschool this quarter which she is also really excited about since last quarter did not have as fortunate a site to visit. she has also recently expressed to me her desire to golf and get really good at is so i guess ill have suck it up and take her out to the links in sunny SD. dont worry about me im sure ill deal with it somehow :)

i am currently in reno celebrating my final week of break. i plan on relaxing and making the most of it because upon my return to SD i will have to hit the ground running. i will be needing to finish up our cal poly design project within the first two weeks along with staying current with my other classes. i also need to move even faster because the fam comes down the second week that i am back and i do not want them to have to rip around SD without me because im stuck at my house doing work.

so be excited for us because life is good right now!

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