Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Top 5

Lately (for whatever reason) I've been thinking of my top five music artists/songs.  This is kind of a spontaneous post, but I got really excited to write it because it's something I find myself talking about with friends often enough.  "If you were stranded on an island and had to fill your ipod with only 5 musical artists, who would make the cut?"

My Top 5 consists of artists that, at any point in time, I can turn their music on and enjoy with unwavering passion.  Most of these artists are pretty popular so I'm sure you have heard their music before, but if that is not the case I strongly recommend you check them out.

Top 5 musical artists:

1.  The Fray
2.  John Mayer
3.  Trevor Hall
4.  Mat Kearney
5.  Ben Howard

*Honorable Mention
Brett Dennen
Ed Sheeran

Top 5 songs:

1.  How to Save a Life - The Fray
2.  Other Ways - Trevor Hall
3.  Give Me Love - Ed Sheeran
4.  Slow Dancing in a Burning Room - John Mayer
5.  Over My Head - The Fray

I can't wait to come back in 5-10 years and see if any of these top 5 have changed!  Feel free to post your Top 5's of anything!  We'd love to hear from you.

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