Monday, November 12, 2012

10 Reasons I'm Not A Very Good Blogger

So as you may (or most likely may not) have noticed, I haven't blogged in a very long time. So instead of diving right into a blog post about something completely random, I decided to put up a list...of why I am not a very good inspiration to become a better blogger (fingers crossed).

Here's why I am not a very good blogger:
  1. Our last blog post is from July...and I didn't even write it. Matt wrote it. My last post was from June. It has been like 5 months. WOW. MAJOR LIFE EVENTS HAVE HAPPENED...without any word on our blog. Going backwards in time (from today)...
    • The Lakers got a new head coach -- who is NOT Phil Jackson. Prove yoself D'Antoni.
    • Halloween happened!! I was a peacock for Halloween (Matt revisited the Mad Hatter).
    • The Giants won the World Series.
    • The Taylor Swift CD came out.
    • Matt started his final year (aka thesis year) and lives on coffee and anxiety and big dreams.
    • One of my oldest friends, Andrew, got married (in the most fabulous and fancy wedding I've ever been to).
    • One of Matt's oldest friends, Meaghan, got married. Sweetest wedding ever (see Love is Sweet picture below).
    • Matt's sister Abby STARTED COLLEGE. When we started dating, she had just finished up her last year of middle school. Talk about feeling old.
    • I turned 24 **insert anxiety attack here**. Don't worry, we played slosh ball (in honor of how mature and grown-up I am).
    • My dad opened his new restaurant, Royal Garden, in Cerritos.
  2. I rarely talk about anything other than Matt and me. I don't blog about cooking, or shopping, or DIY projects (even though I enjoy all of those things). So really, the only reason to read this blog is to figure out what in the heck Matt and I are up to. 
  3. Our pictures are never edited and they never look like they could be published in a magazine. Blogs of the world, tell me how you do it.
  4. In connection with that, I'm not a very good photographer. I'm just NEVER ready when something funny or cool or crazy or brilliant happens. Seriously. By the time I whip out my phone, the moment is gone.
  5. We are not world travelers, so we have no world wide trekking to blog about. Italy, Brazil, Zimbabwe...we're coming for you someday. 
  6. I rarely talk about my feelings, except in moments of severe weakness (and being in a long distance I have a lot feelings). I mean really, isn't a blog supposed to be an emotional outlet? Well if it is, I don't use it.
  7. We have 9 followers (yes 9 WHOLE followers). 
  8. Our blog layout is kind of boring, it really could use an update.
  9. Remember those lists we start (our summer list, which launched the blog, or the 7x7 best things to eat in SF list??)....well we never quite get to the end of them. It's not like we proactively give up or anything, they just never really get to the end. But our next list (whatever it shall be) will get finished!
  10. The more time that passes, the more thought I feel like needs to go into my next big post...which ultimately gives me a little bit of anxiety (and by a little, I mean a lot). That's honestly probably the biggest reason why I don't blog well, because each day that goes by without a blog post, makes me feel like the next blog post had better be super cool. So here's to hoping my next blog post isn't 6 months from now. Special shoutout to my friend Caroline over at A Foodie's Fun, who reminded me I still have a blog, and who gets equally as much anxiety as I do about not blogging and getting back into blogging shape. Anyways, like I said, here's to opening I'll blog again...sometime this week. Wish me luck.
In the meantime, enjoy the plethora of pictures that's coming at you.

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