Monday, December 26, 2011

Ugly Sweater Cal Train Pub Crawl

After finals, Matt drove up to Sunnyvale to hang out with me for a few days before going home to Reno for Christmas. Let's just say we squeezed in as much as possible during our few days together (even though we may have missed a few events...aka horseback riding because we wanted to cuddle). But we did plan and partake in a crazzzyy ugly sweater cal train pub crawl. I know it's a lot to say. We met up with my coworkers, Courtney and Tyler, in Palo Alto and grabbed a few drinks in downtown PA (slider bar and madam Tam's). Slider bar had good food, but terrible service (at one point, matt and tyler had to walk up to bar to get drinks, and our waitress tried to seat them again because she forgot what they looked like). Madam Tam's had cheap pictures, plus awesome giants pints :) We had to rush to catch our 4:30 train to burlingame.

Did I mention the focus on ugly sweaters?

Tyler and Courtney!

Courtney, being prepared as always, handed out mimosas on the train...we are classy. In burlingame, we met up with more of my coworkers (Maddie and her bf, Brian, and Caroline and Mike) at Paddy Flynn's. This bar is irish beyond belief, but super fun. I think Matt really hit it off with all of my coworkers (which I'm thrilled about because they are all awesome. We left the bar at 7 to catch our train, but at the train station, we found out there was a 30 minute delay. Well....what better to do than hit up another bar and a donut shop? Which is exactly what we did. When we made it to SF finally (and much later than anticipated), we were all starving, so of course, we went to my favorite bar/restaurant, 21st Amendment for our final stop. This place has the world famous watermelon beer I love! Overall, this was one of the best bar crawls I have ever been on. Thanks to my wonderful friends for coming out and being a blast!

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