Friday, June 17, 2011

Lifedates (aka Life Updates)

We are NOT avoiding our blog. I promise. We are actually waiting on some news (that is taking a lot longer than expected) hence the blogging hiatus (except for Matt's cute post dedicated to my photography). I can't tell you what we're waiting for...because we don't want to jinx it (knock on wood). But I will give you a few other lifedates (or life-updates...cute right?)

Work: I am finishing up my FOURTH week of work at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney. Incredible. I actually am really enjoying working there. Everyone is really great and it's just a different environment for me. So far so good. Plus I got MY FIRST FULL-TIME PAYCHECK. yowsers. too bad I have already spent half of it paying off my credit card for all the new work clothes I bought.  Part of doing well at work is looking good at work, right? Please just agree with me so I feel better.

School: Matt is all done with his class finals and is finishing up with studio. He should be done next tuesday, so send him positive vibes to get him through this! If you're reading this (which I know you will) I love you and you will be awesome. YOU ARE ALMOST DONE with third year. Crazy.

Amber McCormick: graduated from UC Irvine. Girl got her degreeee. Congrats :) I love youuu!

Kery (Bro-sef): finished up his first year of college. EVEN CRAZIER. Good job brothhaaa. Proud of you.

Graduation: I graduated ONE YEAR AGO. Isn't that insane? I'm turning 23 in a little under a month. Another scary thought. What is going on? Where is all the time going? I feel like one of those blubbering moms thinking...omg where did all the time go? How did my baby grow up so fast, except that I am the baby? I don't know. I am blubbering now. But maybe you understand what I'm trying to say?

Anyways, tomorrow i'm kicking it poolside and working on my tan. I love summer.

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