Wednesday, August 11, 2010

we're back!!!

Hi Everybody!!!!

I know we've been a little Missing-in-action lately, but it's only because we've been living our lives...well more like we were busy with school and work. Instead of trying to fill you in on everything that's been happening lately, I think I'll just tell you about what we're currently doing. Right now, Matt's still working at Old Navy and working on his architecture portfolio/business card. He's also competing in a competition to create a student lounge at NSAD, so hopefully he wins! Wish him luck. I'm finishing up my last few days working for the Judge at Worker's Comp. I'm pretty excited to move on...though where I am moving onto is still questionable. I've applied for a really cool job, so I'll let you guys know if it goes anywhere. Keep your fingers crossed for both of us! Hmm...what else is new? Matt bought a grill, so we've been using it a lot lately in honor of the summer season. O and congratulations to Brian and Brandie Evans...they're married now :) and living the dream! We were part of their wedding earlier this summer. Two days after that, I turned 22....which I must tell you really sucks. What is there to look forward to now? We have been having a lot of fun this summer. We just got back from a weekend in Santa Barbara with some of our friends. We went up for a big festival called Fiesta that celebrates Mexican culture in Santa Barbara. I've never had such great Mexican food. It's AMAZING!!! For the most part, we are just enjoying each day as it comes, so hopefully my next update will be more fun.

Well, keep in touch, because I think we'll have to bring back our summer play lists soon :)

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